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Steve Morris

Morris Surfboards

To Steve, surfing is a unique and exhilarating experience that connects a surfer with our oceans and environment like no other sport. As a shaper, he feels it is his job to enable a rider to amplify this experience by providing the perfect surfboard for them, whether it be a cruiser, shredder, or a high performance board for a surfer at the top of their game. Since first picking up a planer in 94’ Steve has felt a relationship with really good surfers has been essential. Not just because they surf well, but because they provide a shaper with much needed feedback and direction. Good surfers push designers to new heights and all levels benefit. Over the years Morris Surfboards have sponsored and made boards for many top NZ surfers.


Daryn McBride

FEET Surfboards

Daryn McBride lives and breathes surfing, shaping surfboards, riding a quiver that is wholesome and complete. Living in New Zealand, shaping surfboards, glassing them, sanding them, working, featuring in surfing movies and magazines, competing in longboard contests, winning the NZ scene and then dropping out of the scene….painting, drawing, experimenting with fin dynamics and boards that flow…painting on canvas, timber, doing graphic design for companies around the world….it is a wonder Darryn McBride has a moment to follow his dream, but he does….


Mickey T

Raglan Longboards

Mickey started surfing in 1971 on a Bob Davies 6’ single fin in Raglan, a pretty international spot even then. His early influences included the many visiting Aussie and American surfers. In 1975 Mickey shaped his first board, a little later spending time working for the ‘who’s who’ of the shaping world in Hawaii and California. Once back in NZ, Mickey started his own brand Raglan Longboards. The biggest satisfaction Mickey gets in life (other than surfing), is still when somebody comes up and tells him they love the board he made them.


Roger Hall


Surfline’s philosophy of surfing is defined as a very special pastime which we enjoy as a result of our own individual connection to the Ocean. The Surfboard is a celebration of this connection. At Surfline, Surfboards are cherished as objects of performance art, designed to give you the best rides of your life as well as the pleasure of owning a beautiful handcrafted Surfboard. Roger’s approach to designing and building Custom Surfboards is founded on the following principles: An open minded approach – the possibilities are only limited by our imagination. A longstanding belief in the quiver theory – riding different boards amplifies the amount of fun and enjoyment a Surfer gets in a wider range of conditions. This is at the root of the spirit and purity of surfing.


Bob McTavish

McTavish Surfboards

Always an innovator in surfboard design and technology, Bob has pioneered cutting edge changes to the basic concept of a surfboard since 1965, when he began to refine rail and bottom design to maximize performance. This was the very beginning of the movement that would become known as the shortboard revolution, in which Bob’s role was pivotal, but in fact is only a part of his ongoing contribution to the evolution of the surfboard. Now in his eighth decade, Bob continues to push the limits of surfboard design across the full range of wave-riding vehicles, still testing his prototypes in the surf almost every day.


Sean Wilde

Wilde Shapes

Sean Wilde started Wilde Shapes over twenty five years ago in Huntington Beach California, after moving from Australia at the age of sixteen. His designs have been dramatically influenced by a decade of shaping in the States and now with a further seventeen years back in Australia his surfboards are a perfect blend of both styles.

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