9’4" Hot Log


9’4 x 22 ¾ x 2 5/8


The Hot Log is a performance based single fin longboard. This board originated from the need for a smaller narrower log, perfectly suited to the girls who want a longboard that surfs small waves really well and is easy to move around and carry! The boys got hold of one and ripped so I just kept refining it. Pulled in tail , pulled in nose and moderate rocker curve i.e it's not an ironing board. The bottom shape is a tear drop short nose concave set inside a fee bottom. Low volume pinched 50/50 rails , diamond tail. This board is fast and is most suited to surfers who want a log that turns off the tail and nose rides with ease, great alternative to a High Performance Longboard.

9" FCS Flow

Drive hard off the bottom and perform controlled flowing turns. • Neutral fin with elongated base. • Provides excess drive and hold for longer turns and trim stability. • Suited to a more laid back style of longboarding. • Designed to be used as a single fin.


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