6’8” Magic Carpet


6’8” x 20 3/4” x 2 3/4”


This Magic Carpet is a modern take on the classic single fin feel. This is a great board for sprinting around the line-up hunting down waves. It will get you in early and allow you to smoothly set up your ride from the get go. It's fast, it flows and it turns! The rocker has more overall curve than our full 1970 traditional singles. The bottom contours feature a front foot concave and a double concaved back foot panel vee, this translates to a more modern feel. Speed and smooth flow in and out of turns is enhanced with nicely placed crisp tail edges.

7.5" True Ames Smith Parrish

The True Ames' Smith/Parrish fin line began as an attempt to supplement the cutaway fin options in the catalog. Eventually it grew into something more. Our cutaway fins are appropriate for those preferring the loosest possible ride while still providing plenty of stability. For those who like a more traditional look and the feel of more fin in the water, we created the full base line. This design is moderate in base width and rake.


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