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Photo: Daryn McBride


Surfing is my favourite pastime and has become part of who I am - and probably an addiction too!  I love the art and design of surfboards and how they all offer something different. Travelling with surfboards, particularly long-boards, is always a challenge, and as we all know there is risk of damage to boards when in the 'care' of airlines. Through my own travels & surf adventures I have experienced damage to my surfboards by airlines.......more than once! and on occasions when I chose not to travel with my own, the surfboards on offer for rent were not that great.

I wanted Quiver NZ Surfboard Rentals to offer the surfboards I would want to rent if I was heading to Auckland, and going on a surf trip, and didn’t want to risk flying my surfboards.  A surfboard as good as my own, or… something a bit special or different to try! I am excited to be able offer the discerning board-rider high quality surfboards for rent in Auckland while on their travels in NZ.  

I hope you enjoy them!

Pam Davies
Quiver NZ

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